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March 15, 2004

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March 14, 2004

hey foxymophandlemama, that's me

Rock Chick is chuffed about the outcome of the silk cobweb frill.

Fabulous in its utter fabulousness.

RC hasn't decided whether or not to thread a satin ribbon drawstring around the neck. Ponder, ponder.

Rock Chick must be on a style roll, witness her sojourn yesterday. She was swanning around Saks (RC is not one given to swanning or haunting Saks with any regularity, but Sephora was out of a particular shade of Nars lipstick) and was stopped not one, not two, but three times by women demanding to know where she got her dah-ling baby blue Marc Jacobs coat. Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck. It's not a Marc Jacobs, dear hearts, it's a Disabled American Vets thrift shop special Rock Chick nabbed for $1.50 a couple of years ago. But, like all good fashionistas, RC smiled mysteriously, leaned in toward her inquisitor and lied through her teeth. "I got the last one. Sorry." Thrift score!

March 11, 2004

bee girl, be a girl

Oh, you know Rock Chick is happy is when she's Bee Girl happy. Two things have contributed to the seratonin overload RC is experiencing. First, the silk cobweb frill. How fun is this thing to knit? The amusement factor surges when people ask "What is that?" RC takes goofy delight in deliberately unraveling the strands down to the cast on row to reveal the cobweb. Wicked cool. And wicked simple. You know you're gonna want to make one, too. Second, see that static bar over there in the Works It section? Yeah, that 75% one. The much coveted, but fuck it, it ain't ever gonna see the light of day Angelina Vintage Jacket? RC needed an extra long stitch holder yesterday for the cobweb frill, and well, instead of transferring it from Angelina, RC yanked it from her and yanked about 20 rows out along with it just for the hell of it. Felt so good, she ripped out another 20. Liberating, absolutely liberating.

About the only thing that could harsh Rock Chick's mellow today is if John Kerry punks out and apologizes in any manner for his comments yesterday that the republican machine is "the most crooked, you know, lying group I've ever seen." They are and Kerry called a spade a spade.

March 09, 2004

questions rise and answers fall, insurmountable

Rock Chick notes with sorrow the passing of writer/performer Spalding Gray.

A writer and monologist of the highest order, he had the ability to hold an audience in rapt attention and impart his personal experience as if it were your own. Rock Chick remembers Swimming to Cambodia as a high point in her sketchy relationship to live theater.

While unconfirmed, signs since his disappearance months prior point to his demise being at his own hand. As a fellow traveler on the path of recurrent severe clinical depression, RC is saddened that his gift his no longer with us, but at the same time she fully understands how one arrives at that point. Unless you've stood at the point that William Styron so eloquently called "the despair beyond despair," you cannot judge. Safe travels, Mr. Gray, and may your next incarnation find you at peace.

March 08, 2004

off the track, in the mud

Rock Chick should know better. For her, the best laid plans for knitting work like this: spy a yarn that reminds her of a great pattern or inspires her to wing it and proceed from there. So, it shouldn't surprise her that the past few days have been ones of colossal frustration. RC envisioned the Gypsy Mesh Pullover in the latest Interweave Knits as a kickin' swimsuit coverup. She set about finding a yarn, settling on Plymouth's silk Turino. Approximately 7" into it, Rock Chick was struck by one thing. IT SUCKED. The drape was wrong, the stitch pattern begged for something lighter in color - in other words, RC cut her losses before the second gin and tonic. What to do, what to do. ( RC offers this as Exhibit A to non-knitters as how stashs of gigantic proportions accrue.) In a moment of surprise, much like being goosed on the subway, it hit Rock Chick that this yarn would be perfect for the Cobweb Frill featured in IK in spring 2002.

RC had long ago filed this away as a "some day" project, but in the true synergy of knitting, the Turino silk let her know this is what it wanted to be. Rock Chick needs that third gin & tonic, STAT!

March 03, 2004

make it up as we go along

Oh sure, a baking soda rinse would have been quicker, but not half as quirky as the kitty litter method. Rock Chick estimates that Rogue's stench has been reduced 90% during the past 48 hours. Arm & Hammer Baking Soda kitty litter is da bomb. (RC is not one usually given to expressions such as "da bomb," but seeing as Rogue was on its way to being detonated by a professional explosives team, it seems apropos.) It will remain in its kitty litter tomb for another 24 hours in a last ditch effort to eradicate the remaining 10% of stink. RC feels a gushing letter of gratitude forthcoming for the Arm & Hammer folks.

The grieving process had Rock Chick reaching for a new project - quick, easy & colorful. The result is the peacock shrug.

RC had an offer to buy it off of her back yesterday. If she had shaved her pits that morning, she may have considered it.

March 01, 2004

i got a theory on that

Rock Chick thanks all of you who felt her pain during The Great Rogue Stench of 2004. Theories and solutions flew like fists at a gathering of Red Sox and Yankee fans. Either those dust "baths" (RC thinks it's more likely dung baths) that llama are so fond of are the root of this evil that dare not speak its name, or the wet block method has met its Waterloo. The baking soda rinse solution seemed viable, but Rock Chick opted for a method that has served her well with many a "vintage odor-enhanced" item in the past. Rogue is currently languishing in a bin with kitty litter. It's worked like a charm before - here's hoping.

Rock Chick's Oscar Wrap: Sean Penn - it's about time. Charlize Theron - Academy voters sure do like it when the glamour gals fugly it up for the camera, don't they? Fran Walsh - it's called a hairbrush, doll.

February 28, 2004

soon be parting ways

Fuckity, fuck, fuck, fuck. Like all love affairs that seem too good to be true, this one, too, has gone up in flames. It was so easily obtainable, so sensual, so sexy, it was destined to end badly. And end badly it has. It's over between Rock Chick and Rogue's Uros and it stinks. Literally. RC's favored method of wet blocking has resulted in a stench that would knock the most hardened medical examiner back fifty paces. Dear God, who knew llama reeked when wet? And after it dries. Rock Chick, never having been on a walkabout with a llama in a rainstorm, had no idea what heartbreak awaited her. Naturally, RC has been, in the Kubler-Ross tradition, going through the stages of grief. First, there was denial. Maybe it will stop making her gag when it dries. (Nope.) Then there was anger. Goddamn motherfuckin' $2.25 skein of delight/piece of shit yarn. Now, there is acceptance. Rock Chick knows in her heart that Rogue will live on in the photo archives and that she has memories of the feel of Uros in her hands while creating Rogue. But, in the interest of mankind (and remember, Rock Chick is all about the giving) it must be hermetically sealed and sent to the back of the closet. Someone suggested giving it to the Goodwill. Aside from the stink factor, Rock Chick is a thrift store diva at heart and the possibility of running into Rogue one unwitting Saturday afternoon is too much to contemplate. Kind of like running into your favorite ex frenching your best friend. RC just can't take it. In lieu of flowers, Rock Chick requests that donations be made in Rogue's name to the International Fund to Prevent Llama Fiber.

February 24, 2004

wave building before it breaks

Blocking Rogue will have to wait until tomorrow. Rock Chick blocks by the immersion method and it takes more time and attention than she can devote to it today. Some folks steam, some spray, but the ol' RC swears by immersion. Perfect results every time. A bit more time and effort intensive, but well worth the results.

reason #293 why the mailman hates rock chick

This was yesterday's mail. It much resembles the daily delivery. RC's new mailman is bitter about being assigned to her route. She imagines the scene at the local postal branch: "Okay, Jim's down with a bad back. This is Rock Chick's route. Everyone gather 'round for 'Rock, Paper, Scissors'!" Buried in this pile were the new Patternworks and Knit Picks catalogs. Mmmm, yarn porn.

February 23, 2004

should have pulled the alarm

The good news: Rogue's pieces are finished, just waiting to attach the sleeves and block. The bad news: Rock Chick had to endure a Sunday meeting to finish up the sleeves. Any "meeting" portends wasted time to RC, and one that is scheduled for a Sunday is sure to piss her off. Granted, it was the only day the majority of folks could agree on, but the last thing Rock Chick wants to endure on a day of rest is idiots with diarrhea of the mouth. At least she had Rogue's sleeves to ease the pain. After two + hours of assininity, RC piped up with the suggestion that we not convene another meeting until folks actually had some viable solutions in mind to share rather than bitching non-stop for its own sake. This is where one member of the group made the fatal mistake of saying "You've been knitting the whole time. You haven't even been paying attention." Au contraire, jackass. When Rock Chick knits, her listening skills are ratcheted up many notches. Had RC not been knitting, she would have been focusing on the open space just above the bitcher's head imagining a scenario involving herself, Chris Cornell, Jake Gyllenhaal, a tub of vaseline and a riding crop. Don't diss the knitting, buddy. It's all that stood between you existing and you being a bad smell coming from the attic in two weeks.

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